Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First Growler

I have considered myself to be a beer enthusiast for quite some time. I have tried hundreds craft beers from scores of breweries, I have studied the many styles of beer, and I have even brewed my own. However, I've never owned a growler, which is a must-have for any true beer enthusiast.

I picked up my first growler a couple weekends ago while in Rochester, New York. I went to a local grocery store in search a particular beer that is not available in Columbus and, unfortunately, struck out. However, I didn't leave empty-handed. Just before settling on a 6-pack of Summer Shandy (never a bad choice in it's own right given the heat), I notice an entire section of growlers from a local brewery, Rohrbach's Brewing Company. This was an unusual sight for me because I'm not aware any grocery stores in Columbus that sell growlers. The store had about a half dozen choices, and I chose the Railroad Street IPA.

Railroad Street IPA poured an amber, copper color with minimal head and retention. There was a fair amount of lacing left on the glass, though. The aroma was fairly true to style with plenty of citruy hops, but it was also had a distinct caramel malt note. The flavor followed the aroma pretty closely, having a heavier malt flavor than I expected for an IPA (granted, I should have been prepared for this given the description on the label). My overall impression is that this is a good beer and I'd be happy to drink it again, although it won't rank near the top of my favorite IPA's.

Now that I've finished off the Railroad Street IPA, it's time to go out and put my new growler to good use. There are a number of brewpubs, restaurants and specialty shops in and around the Columbus area that sell and fill growlers and, since I'm generally partial to beer on tap, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to enjoy draught beer at home.

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