Saturday, March 24, 2012

Victory Hop Devil IPA

It's no secret to any regular readers of this blog that was love IPA's, and Victory Brewing Company's Hop Devil just might top the list.

This beer pours a hazy golden, amber color with plenty of creamy white head that lingers on the class quite well. The aroma full of spicy, citric hops that stings the nostrils a bit, with grapefruit being a prominent fixture. Hidden beneath the onslaught of hops is a surprising sweet smell with perhaps a bit of honey.

I love when I try a new beer and the first sip blows me away. This beer does just that. Hops, hops, and more hops! The spicy citric hops unleash an bombardment of awesomeness whilst the sweet malts work quietly in the background. While this is a very aggressively hopped beer, it's incredibly smooth and easy to drink. The bitterness from the hops bites hard on the palate but it's nicely balanced with the smoothness and the subtle sweetness of the malts. Unlike some other IPA's I've had, Hop Devil lacks the warm alcohol taste on the finish, for which I'll score another point in the Win column for this beer.

Simply put, Hop Devil a top-notch, world-class beer. It's crowing achievement is maintaining incredible drinkability despite being so over-hopped. Victory makes the most of it's extreme use of hops by allowing the strong citrus notes shine without being unbearably bitter. This is truly a masterpiece and a must-try for every IPA lover, if not for every beer lover.

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