Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homebrew Update

Our first batch of beer seems to be going rather smoothly so far. As I mentioned here, the brew was transferred from the primary fermenter to the secondary last week. Upon a brief taste test by Jason, it seems to be on it's way to being a pretty good brew. This week he will be working on removing labels from some bottles he had slated for recycling. He plans to sanitize them on Wednesday night and we should be bottling on Thursday. This is a pretty exciting step in the process because it puts us one step closer to drinking!

Today we made a trip to Gentile's, The Wine Sellers, a local wine shop that also has a great selection of homebrewing supplies, where we picked up the tubing needed for bottling and a capper. Also, since we had a slight issue during our primary fermentation in which the beer was bubbling up into the air lock (we put five gallons of beer in a five gallon bucket which left little room at the top), we bought a 7 gallon bucket to use as our primary fermenter going forward.

Finally, we purchased another recipe kit for our second brew, this time a wheat beer. For our first batch, we did not stray from the instructions included with the kit at all for fear of ruining our beer. After going through entire brewing process once, and doing some additional research, we feel comfortable making some alterations to the wheat beer recipe. We have an idea in mind that we're going to try, but more on this later. It should make for a pretty tasty brew, though!

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