Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goose Island IPA

It seems we've been drinking a lot of IPA's lately, and we have yet another. This IPA is from Goose Island in Chicago. Goose Island has been one of my favorite breweries for while, and their IPA does not disappoint.

I love the color of this IPA. It's a very vibrant, almost orange color. It pours with about two fingers of head and leaves some nice lacing on the glass. The nose is, predictably, filled with citric, hoppy goodness, but it's not quite as intense as I would have expected. There is also a bit of malt present to balance out the hops aroma.

Like the smell, the taste is well balanced. Upfront, there is certainly a lot of citric hops. I also detected a bit of fruitiness, peach perhaps, which I found interesting. This IPA has a nice bread malt flavor as well to balance out the bitterness from the hops. It finishes dry and leaves behind some of that bitterness for a few seconds. The body is medium and it is well carbonated.

Goose Island produces some of my favorite beers and their IPA is no exception to that trend. This is a quality beer that will not disappoint.

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