Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sam Adams Black & Brew Coffee Stout

With many of the Winter seasonal beers moving out of stores to make way for Spring offerings, this post is a little late to the party. However, this is quality beer that deserves mention. Sam Adams offered it's new Black & Brew Coffee Stout in the Winter seasonal 12-pack this year (and by this year, of course I actually mean 2011). The beer pours beautifully dark, almost black with an off white head. I had very minimal, albeit lasting, head, but I'll attribute that to a bad pour. The head, however, leaves little to no lacing, which is somewhat disappointing given the otherwise awesome appearance of this brew.

You can tell right away what you are getting yourself into with Black & Brew as the coffee aroma is very apparent. There is also a notable aroma of roasted malts and even a hint of chocolate. The first thing you will notice in the taste is, not surprisingly, coffee. It is not an overwhelming coffee flavor, but Sam Adams leaves not doubt that you are drinking a coffee stout. The taste finishes with a dry, dark chocolate bitterness and, perhaps, a touch of caramel malts. It has a very creamy feel and it is not as heavy as I would have expected given it's extremely dark color.

Like other dark beers, I find that Black & Brew Coffee Stout is better served a little closer to room temperature rather than right out of the fridge as the flavors really start to come to life. I like to drink dark beers, especially beers that use a lot of chocolate malt, with some sort of sweet treat. I enjoyed my Black & Brew Coffee Stout with a fresh-out-of-oven brownie, and it was a heavenly combination. Hopefully, Sam Adams will bring back Black & Brew in their winter seasonal packs next year because this is definitely worth another drink!

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