Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey

As Jason mentioned in his Harpoon IPA post, IPA's have recently become one his favorite styles of beer. This past weekend he brought over a 6-pack of Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey, I must say, I fully support his new-found affinity for IPA's.

400 Pound Monkey pours a rich, golden color with about a fingers-worth of a white head. The retention and lacing were not spectacular, but not lacking, either. When you take in the aroma, there is no mistaking that this is an IPA, but there is a uniqueness to it. The hops are certainly there, but I noticed that the citrus note that is generally present in an IPA was very faint with this beer.

There is certainly no lack of hops bitterness in the taste, however, much like the aroma, the citrus notes I usually expect in an IPA were lacking. There is a noticeably malty flavor that is a bit grainy, earthy perhaps. Finally, it finishes with a bit of dryness, leaving behind the grainy malt flavor. This beer has a medium-to-thin mouthfeel with medium carbonation.

I wasn't totally blown away by this beer, but I definitely enjoyed it and I will certainly drink it again. Everything about it screams IPA, yet it's able to deliver an element of uniqueness that held my attention and kept me intrigued. 400 Pound Monkey is definitely worth a try if you haven't already.

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  1. Hey Paul, I enjoyed the review... I haven't seen 400 Pound Monkey over here in England unfortunately but we do get one or two Left Hand beers. Their milk stout is really superb, I'd recommend that if you see it around.