Monday, January 30, 2012

Harpoon I.P.A.

I recently went to the store in search of a specific beer and was dissapointed to find they were out. However, I saw a Harpoon Winter Seasonal 12-pack and decided to give it a try instead. I've had several Harpoon brews and enjoyed them so I was confident my money would be well spent. So far, I'm satisfied.

This IPA pours with a brilliant copper color. Very little head tops the beer, and there's an equally small ammount of lacing on the glass whilst drinking. There is a noticeable floral, almost fruity aroma. There is also a definite presence of hops in the aroma, as there should be in an IPA, but it's not overwhelming. Harpoon's IPA has nice citrus flavor, but it's not as hoppy as some other IPA's I've had. It's a very well balanced, medium-bodied beer.

Harpoon certainly has my approval with this IPA. Beers like this are the reason the IPA is turning into my favorite style of beer.

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